EOS - Eye On Science - Eye On Science, a division of Jigyasa, is a start-up company developing multimedia-based software for science and engineering education, informal science learning and as technical presentations for industry.


      The aim of our work is to create multimedia software for science that can excite the imagination and evoke creative thinking.  We develop interactive multimedia learning systems to elucidate scientific concepts and phenomena as web-based or CD-ROM based technical presentations for business or education. Elements of our packages include text, graphics, animations, sound, interactivity, and simulations.


    Eye on Materials, An Interactive Multimedia Exposition is designed to expose frontline issues in Materials Science to attract undergraduate students to research. Eye on Science - Kids introduces scientific concepts to children through interactive modules and allegorical stories.


    Consulting and contract services are available.  Web-based or CD-ROM based technical presentations for business or education are offered as an ongoing service.  An example from a piece titled 'Reinventing Laminated Glass Design' made for the DuPont Company is shown.